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When we share life's ups and downs, we empower our inner voice while touching the hearts of others. When we’re brave, we make others brave. And brave is beautiful.  

-lynda cheldelin fell


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AlyBlue Media was launched in 2013 by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, a mother and grandmother who treasures moments of joy, laughter, and the little things in life.  Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lynda has been a dedicated humanitarian devoting countless hours to serve others since her teen years.  

In 2009, Lynda's 15 year-old daughter Aly, a competitive swimmer and straight-A student, was tragically killed as a backseat passenger in a car accident while coming home from the U.S. Open in Seattle. Overcome with grief, Lynda's 46 year-old husband suffered a major stroke that left him with severe disabilities, traumatically changing the family dynamics yet again. 

The following year, Lynda was invited to share her remarkable story about finding hope after loss, and she accepted. That cathartic experience inspired her to create ground-breaking projects spanning national events, radio, film and books to help others who share the same journey feel less alone. Now one of the foremost grief educators in the United States, Lynda is dedicated to helping ordinary people share their own extraordinary stories of survival and hope in the aftermath of loss. 

​With a passion for storytelling as a healing modality, Lynda created AlyBlue Media in loving memory of her daughter to house her growing endeavors that began as a weekly radio show and now includes radio, film, books, webinars and events with a focus centered around offering comfort, healing and hope.

With a focus on nonfiction inspirational stories, AlyBlue Media is now home to over 650 writers around the world.